Tiling Our Kitchen Backsplash

Neal laid out the backsplash. We purchased square tiles, so he made SOOOO  MANY 😫cuts!He also had to cut around the electrical outlets, so more cuts! Those orange things are spacers; this is where the mortar will be applied after all the tile are in place.  Continue reading “Tiling Our Kitchen Backsplash”

Building Our Boat House/Dock

Boat House

This is our old dock (and house before renovation). 😳 Neal added on to the original dock and added the steps when we first purchased the house. (This wood looks newer in the picture.)Here is another picture of the old dock on a beautiful day!

Dock construction begins…

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Interior Construction of Our New Addition

New Addition Pictures

Below is our new master bedroom. I like this picture because it was my makeshift office. It worked! Through the studs on the far right of the picture is the master bathroom, where the garden tub will be installed. Continue reading “Interior Construction of Our New Addition”

Installing Our Heart Pine Flooring


First, the floor had to be made the same level. The contractor built a frame to raise the lower floor (previously discussed earlier in this blog post) and then added new plywood throughout the entire house to have a consistent and strong floor base. Neal found our flooring on Craigslist. Basically, we purchased several large beams that were in an old yarn factory in Columbus, Georgia. We took a field trip (with my Dad) to go see the factory (before they tore it down) and beams. We purchased the beams and had a mill cut for flooring. In the picture below (in our guest bedrooms), you can see some of the oil spots on some of the flooring where the heavy equipment sat on the floor. It is truly rustic.

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Updating Our Fireplace

Below are more BEFORE pictures of our fireplace. This picture shows the fireplace after we removed the wood molding around the fireplace and after we removed the carpet.  Check out the floor! Oh my! 🤪 Continue reading “Updating Our Fireplace”

Renovating/Updating Our Patio Porch

Patio Porch on the Lakeside

Check out this before and after picture! Here is a picture of the basement patio (lakeside) once we cut the block and added a header to add a double window. We wanted more daylight in our basement living room. Here is the inside view of where we cut the block to add the double windows. We will show you more interior pictures of the basement living room area later in this blog post.

More patio porch project pictures: 

  • Click here to see how we built our outdoor fireplace on our patio porch.
  • Click here to see how we wrapped the columns on the patio porch.
  • Click here to see how we added old barn wood to our patio porch ceiling.

Construction of New Front Porch Project

Front Porch (street side)

Before we finished our front door (street side), we had to walk the plank to enter through the front door! 😳 That board (see picture below) covered the second story drop! (Remember that we lived here during renovation/construction.) It was such a relief when we added our porch floor! We used corrugated steel, which is very strong for the base.  Continue reading “Construction of New Front Porch Project”