Feeling Blue … What to do?

We all struggle with feelings of sadness . . . feeling blue. This time of year when it is gray outside can be hard for many people.

Social media also gives us the false sense that everyone’s life is full of fun and devoid of the challenges of life. WRONG! We all struggle with these feelings of insecurity, knowing our purpose and feeling less than.  So if you are a little down and out, here are some suggestions that have worked for me . . . that get me out of my “funk” and start feeling better about me and my life.

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15+ Easy Cricut Projects: Let’s get Cutting!

About a year and a half ago, I retired. As a retirement gift, my sweet Neal bought me a Cricut. I was a little apprehensive about how to get started, so I started with some simple vinyl cutting projects. Maybe these projects will inspire you to get cutting!

Personalize insulated cups for presents:

Add names

Add initials

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How to Crochet a Textured Hat

I learned how to crochet from my sweet mother when I was a child. Since my childhood, I have slowly improved my technique (and I am still improving 😉).  I enjoy the challenge of learning a new stitch and creating something that has texture. I am also enamored by all the different types of yard. I literally lose track of time in the yard isle at Hobby Lobby, Walmart or JOANN Fabrics.

I enjoy crocheting especially in the winter months; I do this while watching television with Neal  in the evenings. This also keeps me from snacking. 🍪

I recently visited Wisconsin for my education consultant work. This Alabama girl was COLD! ❄️ However, my new hat kept my head warm!

My Yarn

I really like bulky, textured yarn. It only took me one skein for this hat. 👍 I also liked this color because it blends well with other colors. 

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Making a Headboard from an Old Door

Here is a diamond in the rough 💎 . . . we saw potential! 🧐

This old door had six panels, but we only needed five panels for a queen sized bed headboard. That works great because Neal prefers an odd number of panels. (For my sake, glad he likes odd!😉)

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