How to Mortar Wash (German Schmear) a Brick Fireplace

Materials Needed:

    • Plastic or drop cloth
    • Painter’s tape
    • 2 buckets (one for mixing mortar and one for water)
    • Durable gloves
    • Mortar mix
    • Electric drill (for mixing mortar)
    • Mixing paddle
    • VersaBond White Mortar Mix
    • Putty knife (metal is preferable)
    • Heavy-duty sponge
    • Rags

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Milk Can Makeover

This was a milk can that I found in my Dad’s barn after he passed away. He passed away on July 27, 2017. I miss him every day, but I have several special items from his house that remind me of him.

This milk can was originally covered in rust and I had it sandblasted, but not powder coated because I sort of wanted to keep it natural. When I picked it up, Josh (sandblaster guy) highly suggested that I put a coat of polyurethane to protect it or it would rust more. Well . . . I should have heeded this advice because it started to rust again! So I took it back and Josh sandblasted it again and powder coated it for me. Continue reading “Milk Can Makeover”

How to Install Shower Tile

As part of renovating my Mother’s house, we tiled her shower.

Click HERE to see how we installed the shower base.

Materials Needed:

    • Backer board (we used USG Durock)
    • Joint tape and screws for the backer board (we used Durock screws)
    • Measuring tape
    • Putty knife
    • RedGard Speed Coat from Home Depot
    • Roller and roller handle
    • Tile
    • Tile saw
    • Spacers (depending on the width of the grout line)
    • Thin-set
    • Bucket
    • Large sponge
    • Drill and mixing paddle
    • Non-sanded grout (We used Cape Gray.)
    • Notched trowel (size of notches depends on the size of tile – see manufacturer’s directions)

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