How to Install a Wood Plank Ceiling (Woodhaven by Armstrong)

Read How to Install a Grid Ceiling prior to reading this post.

Prior to installing the wood planks, the exposed HVAC and electrical wires were exposed. Several years ago, we painted this black. However, we wanted to give this room a more finished look. We are so pleased with the result. Below is a BEFORE picture.

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How to Install a Drop Ceiling Grid System

Materials Needed:

    • string and string level
    • grid system
    • wire
    • measuring tape
    • chalk box
    • drill
    • screws
    • wire cutters
    • tin snips
    • ladders

Below is a picture before we installed the grid ceiling system.

Mark the parameter of the room (ceiling height):

Determine the height of your ceiling and use a laser level to establish the line around the entire room. At least eight feet is preferable; however, because of some ductwork, we had to make our ceiling 7’ 9”. Use a chalk box to mark the wall at the correct height around the room. Continue reading “How to Install a Drop Ceiling Grid System”

JOY: Love Jesus, Love Others and Love Yourself . . . and Some of My Favorite Books

Just a little background about me to give you some context . . . I worked as an educator for over 31 years. I enjoyed this work, but my last 15 years of being a superintendent were all-consuming. I was accustomed to working 12-16 hours most days with tremendous stress. I retired a few years ago and now work part-time as an education consultant. The time demands and stress are far less and for the first time, I have more balance in my life.

I have always been a lifelong learner; learning truly feeds my soul. I am constantly trying to become a better version of myself. To do this, I read my Bible (try to do so daily but sometimes fall short), pray, and listen to spiritual and personal growth books. Continue reading “JOY: Love Jesus, Love Others and Love Yourself . . . and Some of My Favorite Books”

How to Paint Door Hinges

My Mom purchased a small house down the street from us. We spent several months updating the house prior to my Mom moving into her new home. We are so glad she lives close to us.

The door hinges were mix-matched. Some were brass and some were silver. We ordered new black doorknobs and wanted to paint the hinges to match so we decided to spray paint them black. Continue reading “How to Paint Door Hinges”