How to Create a Gallery Wall Over a Table

We recently updated our basement living room area and I decided it would be a nice touch to create a gallery wall over the table.


    • A variety of items for the gallery wall
    • Painter’s tape
    • tape measurer
    • pencil
    • level
    • Drill or screwdriver
    • hammer
    • nails and screws
    • hangITstrips

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How to Paint a Door

I have painted hundreds of doors in my lifetime . . . starting with painting chicken house doors when I was a child over 45 years ago — Yikes! Suzanne as Child

You gotta love the sunglasses and scarf. ? My Dad paid my sister and me $1 ? for every door ? we painted. There were so many doors, we thought we were rich! ? Continue reading “How to Paint a Door”

Flowers that Not Only Survive but Thrive for this “Wannabe” Master Gardener

This post was updated throughout last summer to show you how our flowers have literally blossomed!

I just love spring flowers but I don’t have a green thumb.

You see . . . I am a “wannabe” master gardener. ?‍? ? I struggle to keep plants and flowers alive. ?⠀This is when I really miss my Dad. He became a certified master gardener late in life. He and my grandmother had green thumbs. ?

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How to Chalk Paint a Table

Below are the Before and After pictures.

A few years ago, my mother and I traded a piece of furniture. She wanted a bigger piece I no longer needed and I just loved this little antique table. I really like its unique shape and functionality (having a place for books). Below are more before pictures. Continue reading “How to Chalk Paint a Table”

Camper Embroidery Inspiration and Design

I have recently tried my hand at embroidery. This is my second embroidery project. My needlebook was my first. I like to create my own design as I go – – feeding the artist within. I am actually a “maker” and a wanna-be artist.

Maybe my embroidery project will inspire you to try your hand at embroidering a camper or something that is meaningful to you.

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