Camping at Gulf State Park

We interrupt this DIY Home Improvement Blog to share about the AMAZING Gulf State Park in Gulf Shores, Alabama!

Do you ever just need to unplug and S-L-O-W D-O-W-N the busy pace of life? We do! I can be consumed with my consultant work, writing blog posts, creating social media posts, doing house chores, and all the demands of life. My “To Do” list is always a mile long.

We have the PERFECT place for you to unplug . . . or rather should I say, RECHARGE your battery! Continue reading “Camping at Gulf State Park”

How to Arrange Zinnias (or any fresh cut flowers) in a Vase and Other Ideas

This summer, I have enjoyed growing zinnias and other flowers. I have learned about flowers that not only survive but thrive for this “Wannabe” master gardener. Click HERE to learn more about this flower bed Neal built for me (pictured below) and other spring and summer flowers we planted in pots on our deck.

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DIY Hog Wire Deck Railing

Our deck and deck railing needed to be replaced. Because we live on a lake, we wanted to use wire so as not to obstruct our view of the lake. We researched several options and decided to install hog wire deck railing. Actually, we learned through this process that we wanted to use sheep/goat wire. It consists of 4×4 squares. (Hog wire consists of rectangles and cattle wire consists of larger rectangles.) We purchased the sheep/goat wire panels from Tractor Supply Company. We purchased all the treated lumber from Ace Hardware and were pleased with the quality.

This DIY deck railing project has totally transformed our deck and YES, we have a great view of the lake. Continue reading “DIY Hog Wire Deck Railing”

Redoing Our Deck by Flipping the Boards

In 2011, we purchased our lake house. In 2013, we renovated and added an addition. Our deck is original to the house and we have been contemplating what to do with our deck for several years. We considered replacing the wood with composite, but that is so expensive and not in our budget yet. Continue reading “Redoing Our Deck by Flipping the Boards”