Festive, but Simple 4th of July Tablescape

This post was updated just in time for July 4th, 2020.

July the 4th is one of many fun times to live on the lake as we celebrate Independence Day! We typically have family visit for several days, so we create great memories of swimming, boating, fishing, eating, telling family stories (that are more exaggerated each year), and a lot of laughter.

So back to my tablescape . . .

We have an open floor plan so our dining table is located in our main living area. Neal and I eat dinner at our table every evening.

I have several pieces of burlap and reused them for various centerpieces.

I just love using old containers. These are old milk bottles Neal’s parents gave us several years ago. I like how the middle bottle is taller and the two smaller bottles are different shapes (one is square and the other is round). I bought the blue and white marbles at Hobby Lobby last year. I already had the ribbon. I like using a variety of ribbons to give it variety and dimension. I also have a special fondness of burlap and polka dots – – can you tell? I had this leftover metallic string of stars, so I incorporated it too. (I like using what I already have when possible.)I found a red, white, and blue plaid placemat in my 4th of July decorations. I think it may have come in a gift basket one year . . . not sure. But it gave it more color and sort of a farmhouse look.

I had intended to purchase some white carnations, but could not find any at Publix, so I clipped this Queen Ann’s lace from the side of the road and used it. It was free and it worked great!

I also added these small flags, which was the finishing touch! (I have several of these flags and put them in all my flower pots every July the 4th.) This tablescape is nothing fancy, but it had just the right look I was hoping to achieve and was made with things I already had, except for the red and white stones/marbles. (Notice that I changed the blue marbles on one of the bottles to red marbles and the clear marbles in the middle bottle to white after my trip to Hobby Lobby.) Of course, I will be able to reuse them. I have a dresser full of vases, colored stones, and a craft room with a variety of ribbon because I enjoy creating centerpieces for our table.

Below is a picture using cut flowers from Publix. I also filled in with Queen Anne’s lace I cut on the side of the road. I also sprinkled some stars cut with my Cricut (leftover from another project). Fresh flowers remind me of my mother and my paternal grandmother (Mom-Mom). I am such a sentimental person and the older I get the more sentimental I become. I like thinking of the people who have richly influenced and blessed me in life.

Here is a closeup of the blue bottle with Queen Anne’s lace. Here is a closeup of the white bottle. Here is a closeup of the red bottle. Below are pictures of each bottle with fresh cut flowers from Publix.

This year, I changed it up a little . . . I did not use the burlap in the center and used faux cotton. The cotton gave it a farmhouse look. It also enabled me to create it earlier (i.e. no dying flowers) and enjoy it longer. I also mixed the stones/glass beads so each milk bottle has red, white, and blue. Here is a closer look.

I bought these stars at Hobby Lobby and tied them at random lengths with jute string to our dining room light fixture.

I added plates, red cloth napkins, (I also use these red napkins during Christmas), and these glitter stars I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

The picture below is another variation from this past Memorial Day. I created this with scrap fabric. I used various size plates and bowls as my pattern to cut the circles. I purchased these flowers from Publix but added daisies and Queen Anne’s lace found along the road in our neighborhood. Grampy was visiting, so he and I went on an adventure picking flowers.

A few more 4th of July decorations . . .

I decorated our deer who overlooks our dining room table. Doesn’t he look festive?

I added these two wooden decorations made by my Aunt Norma and given to my Dad. I found these when I cleaned out my Dad’s house after he passed away. They are very special to me.

I hung the wreath over a doorway.

I purchased this ribbon at Walmart. I made a bow and temporarily replaced our generic burlap bow.

Here is our porch – – ready for the 4th!

Here is our chalkboard that I use to welcome our son and his sweet crew last year. I will use it again this year. The good thing about a chalkboard is that you can personalize it (quickly change it) for each arriving family. (I cheated and had it ready to flip on the other side to welcome Neal’s Dad, my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and niece; see below.)Here is what it looks like as family arrives. Happy Independence Day from the Freemans!

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