A Tearful Goodbye to Ladybug

Neal and Suzanne's Dog

This afternoon, we said goodbye to our sweet Ladybug. Santa brought her to daughter Emmy when she was in third grade. This was also the first Christmas that our son Ryan was no longer a “believer”. Ryan helped me bathe Ladybug at my office on Christmas Eve day. It was special moment between Ryan, Ladybug and me. Emmy dressed Ladybug in sweaters and she would not move (because she did not like clothing). Emmy called these “magic sweaters” because it would make a playful puppy turn calm and still.

When Emmy got busy in middle/high school, Ladybug became my dog. We all loved this sweet little dog. She followed me through the house when I was home; I was her favorite person and she was my favorite dog. She had several nicknames: LB and more recently my father-in-law called her “Mrs. Bug”, which we thought was endearing. We buried her in our yard (lakeside) beside Millie’s (our golden retriever who died a few years ago) gravesite. She was truly a great dog and will be missed. Daisy (our puppy) has big paws to fill.

Author: Suzanne

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