Bathroom Remodel

Here is the big bathroom reveal at my Mom’s house.

Step 1: Demo Work

We had to remove the vanity, toilet, floor tile, shower base, and shower tile. UGH!

Step 2: Tile the Floor

Click HERE to see more details about tiling the floor.

Step 3: Reinstalled the Toilet after the tile was installed.

We also installed this cabinet above the toilet. It was previously a kitchen cabinet that we removed to add a microwave over the stove . . . stay tuned for a future blog post regarding kitchen cabinets. I still need to paint it gray to match the vanity. My Mom likes this having this cabinet for storage.

Step 4: Install Shower Base

Click HERE to see more details about installing the shower base.

Step 5: Installed Shower Tile

Click HERE to see more details about installing the shower tile.

Step 6: Installed Vanity and New Fixture

We purchase this vanity and sink combination from Home Depot. The faucet is made by Delta and we purchased it from Home Depot too.

Step 7: Installed new Light Fixture

We purchased this light fixture from Home Depot.

My mother had this antique mirror she wanted to use. I painted it silver (previously gold).

And Mom’s new bathroom is complete!

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions by posting below.


Author: Suzanne

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  1. Hello, which paint color did you use? I love how the paint looks beige, then gray in different lighting. Thank you!

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