Bathroom Renovation: Unveiling the Stunning Transformation

finish bathroom remodel

Here is the big bathroom reveal at my Mom’s house. We will show each part of the bathroom renovation: demolition, tiling the floor, reinstalling the toilet, installing a new shower base, tiling the shower, installing a vanity, and a new light fixture.

If you to learn more about each part of this bathroom renovation, see the corresponding links included in this post.


My mom purchased a small home down the street from us. We made several improvements to this house before she moved in. One of those improvements gutting and completely renovating the bathroom.

Our first thought was to do some minimal updating to the bathroom but the closer we examined it, the more convinced we were that we needed to completely renovate it. In the end, it was worth the labor (our free labor) and money to update this bathroom. And my mom likes the results too!

Step 1: Demo Work

We had to remove the vanity, toilet, floor tile, shower base, and shower tile. UGH!

Step 2: Tile the Floor

Click HERE to see more details about tiling the floor.

Step 3: Reinstalled the Toilet after the tile was installed.

We also installed this cabinet above the toilet. It was previously a kitchen cabinet that we removed to add a microwave over the stove . . . stay tuned for a future blog post regarding kitchen cabinets. I still need to paint it gray to match the vanity. My Mom likes having this cabinet for storage.

Step 4: Install Shower Base

Click HERE to see more details about installing the shower base.

Step 5: Installed Shower Tile

Click HERE to see more details about installing the shower tile.

Step 6: Installed Vanity and New Fixture

We purchased this vanity and sink combination from Home Depot. The faucet is made by Delta and we purchased it from Home Depot too.

Step 7: Installed new Light Fixture

We purchased this light fixture from Home Depot.

My mother had this antique mirror she wanted to use. I painted it silver (previously gold).

And Mom’s new bathroom is complete!

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions about our bathroom renovation by posting below.


  1. […] Below is the bathroom light fixture AFTER we replaced it. (To see the bathroom renovation click HERE.)Below is a picture of the ceiling fan/light fixture in the master bedroom BEFORE we replaced it. […]

  2. WhitneyM. on 04/17/2021 at 6:53 AM

    Hello, which paint color did you use? I love how the paint looks beige, then gray in different lighting. Thank you!

    • Suzanne on 04/18/2021 at 7:06 PM

      It really is a pretty color. It is Behr Indulgent Mocha. HERE is the link.

      Happy Painting!


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