Building on to Our Lake House

New Addition from Street View

This picture shows digging the foundation for the new construction, which includes new front entrance, master bedroom and bath upstairs and two additional bedrooms and bathrooms downstairs.Here you can see the outline of the addition and pouring the footer.The footing has been poured. Now the block walls are going up on the basement level.Building block wall into the hill that faces the street side. Now to start building the second story.

Here is the street view of the original house on the left and the new construction on the right. Notice that the original front door is now closed up.We used Hardie Plank board and batten. However, on the bay windows (one on each side), we used Hardie Plank shingles. We decided the put a metal roof on our house. Because our we have a cathedral ceiling in the original part of the house (living, dining, and kitchen), it is such a wonderful sound when it rains! I love these windows in the master bedroom closet. They give us natural light during the day and because they are high, we still have privacy.

Front Porch (street side)

Before we finished our front door (street side), we had to walk the plank to enter through the front door! That board (see picture below) covered the second story drop! (Remember that we lived here during renovation/construction.) It was such a relief when we added our porch floor! We used corrugated steel, which is very strong for the base. Then we added the brick rowlock, which sort of serves as a frame for the porch floor. Next was the mortar base. Here is our front porch after the tile and step have been added. This is also after we added stone around the entire foundation of the house. And another picture of the porch. Click here to see porch update projects.

Click here to see how we wrapped our porch columns.

Click here to see how I chalk painted the front porch bench.

Click here to see front porch milk cans project.

Click here to see how I sewed slipcovers for the front porch pillows.

New Addition from Lakeside

The picture below shows the lakeside walls going up! You can see the open spaces for double windows; it was important to us for each of our adult children to have a great view of the lake from their bedrooms. And now the second floor is being constructed. You can see where the floor overhangs for the bay window in our master bedroom. Here is another view. This picture shows the bay window after being built and ready to lift and secure in its place. This will be our view of the lake. And the new windows have been installed. Here is the bay window in place. The double windows on the far left are our master bath windows (over the garden tub) and the windows on the right are Neal’s office. He can see the lake while working. This picture labels each interior room in the new addition. Now you can see the new construction on the left and the existing house on the right.

Exterior Painting

Here is the street side after painting the exterior. It is starting to look like our house! Here is another picture of the street side. Here is the final picture (before landscaping) of the street side. We are still making improvements. Stay tuned . . .

Installing the Stone

We loved this simulated stone because it looks like real stone. We actually traveled to Chattanooga to see this stone on a house. We used Hermitage simulated stone from Jenkins Brick Company in Alabama. Here is a picture on the side of our house (new construction). This is going over the new construction and the existing (old) part of the house (where it is painted brown). Notice the variation in the stone. There are so many different shapes that it looks real! Here is a picture of the stone from the lakeside with the mortar. And one more picture of the new addition.

This is a lakeside picture (also after we added the outdoor fireplace on our patio porch). Click here to see outdoor fireplace construction. We are still working on landscaping and considering adding terraces. Stay tuned for these future projects . . .

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