Building Our Boat House/Dock

This is our old dock (and house before renovation). Neal added on to the original dock and added the steps when we first purchased the house. (This wood looks newer in the picture.)

Here is another picture of the old dock on a beautiful day!

Dock construction begins...

The flat section to the left is the original dock (including what Neal added). They removed the old cover, rails, and started building on and up! Going vertical!Rafters!A metal roof that matches our house . . . Finishing up!

This is the final dock minus the finished closet. Neal and I finished the closet.

Here is the almost finished closet on the dock. We ran out of the treated wood planks and instead of making another trip to Home Depot, we decided to use this as an "opportunity" to create a work of art. Check out how we made a barn door for the dock closet and added an American flag on the closet (where the small woods slats are).



I just love this view from our house.

We still have more projects . . . SO MANY PROJECTS such as finishing the patio porch floor, installing new deck railing, more landscaping, etc. Stay tuned for future blog posts!

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Click here to see some beautiful sunsets at Logan Martin Lake.

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    Precisely what I was looking for, appreciate it for posting.

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