Camper Embroidery Inspiration and Design

I have recently tried my hand at embroidery. This is my second embroidery project. My needlebook was my first. I like to create my own design as I go – – feeding the artist within. I am actually a “maker” and a wanna-be artist.

Maybe my embroidery project will inspire you to try your hand at embroidering a camper or something that is meaningful to you.

Creating My Design

I had to decide what I wanted to create and where I planned to use this. Because I am still improving my technique I opted for making something for our camper.

I just love pictures of vintage campers and embroidery gives me permission to pick my colors and add details of my choosing.

Select your frame in advance:

I purchased a $2.00 frame from Dollar Tree. It was perfect because the frame is plastic (very light) and the pane is plexiglass (not glass) in case it falls off the wall while we are traveling. I had already selected the perfect spot for this in our camper.

Camper Images:

I surfed the internet for camper images. I needed basic outlines with a little detail, but not too much detail.

Tracing Images on my canvas:

I had some leftover canvas that made the perfect background. I placed the frame on the canvas and traced it, then I added one inch on all four sides and cut the canvas.

The frame has three rectangular openings (one for each camper), and thus I made light pencil marks in the corners so I would stay within the boundary of each opening.

I cut and pasted the three camper images in MSWord and printed them on legal size paper. This enabled me to properly size and line up the three campers to fit my frame. Once the imaged were sized and lined up correctly, I printed the final copy and taped it to the glass on an exterior door.

I then taped my canvas over the images (lining up my pencil marks for each cut out) and traced each image with a pencil. (The sunlight obviously helped me see the print out through my fabric.)

I did not trace every detail in each image. I just traced the basic outline, wheels, bumpers, etc. I knew I would alter each of these as part of the embroidery design process.

One Camper at a Time

I used a 4″ plastic embroidery hoop as I embroidered each camper. I selected the colors for each camper and made up my design along the way.

I knew I wanted to add our cat Buddy (who does not travel with us) and our dog Daisy (who does travel with us) just because I wanted this personal touch. I am NOT an artist, but I found some simplistic cat pictures online to mimick Buddy; see my crude drawing below. Here is a picture of Buddy.

Below is the picture that inspired my attempt at drawing Daisy. To learn about our storage shed makeover (behind Daisy in the picture), click HERE.

My drawing of Daisy (see below) looks more like a hyena than a dog but her embroidery version turned out better. Daisy is a little big (not proportional compared to the camper) but I was proud of her likeness especially for me doing this freehanded. Both of our adult children who are artists were impressed . . . or maybe they were just being kind. Either way, I’ll take it!

I worked on this in the evening as we watched television. If you know me, you know I cannot just sit and watch TV. The next morning, I studied what I had done the night before and decide my next steps. It was definitely a work in progress . . .

It is not perfect, but I was pleased with how it turned out. I am still improving my skill and the best way to improve is to keep working on it.

Here are closeups of each camper. The bees above Buddy the cat are too big. Neal said they are African Killer Bees. Ha! Ha!

I was proud of my tree. I added it because I had a blank space and needed something to balance Daisy on the left side.

Framing My Embroidery Work

Thankfully, all my pencil marks lined up with the three cutouts in the matting. YEA!

I ironed the canvas before inserting it into the frame. I inserted it, trimmed the edges of the canvas, and put the backing on the frame.

I hung it in our camper using velcro Command Strips, which is how I hung all the wall decor in our camper.

To see how we decorated our camper, click HERE.

To learn How to Make a Needle Book with an Embroidered Cover and Pages, click HERE.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions by posting below.

Happy Embroidering!

Author: Suzanne

Blogger and DIYer with my talented husband Neal. I share about our projects and life lessons following Christ.