Building Retaining Walls, a Concrete Path, and Steps

In this post, we share the steps for creating retaining walls, a 7-foot wide concrete path, and steps to our dock. This is a major project and beyond our skill level and capacity (we also don’t own a bobcat) so we hired an experienced contractor. However, Neal did all the electrical. He and I also built the steps, ramp, and railing, and all the finishing work.

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The Basics of Composing

My recent passion is growing beautiful flowers and I am also venturing into gardening. Composting is a vital part of this process. In this post, I will share the purpose of composting, things to put in your compost, what not to put in your compost, containers or areas for composting, the magic formula for composting, and how to use compost. (I will continue to update this post with additional composting tips.)

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