Sewing Christmas Pillow Slipcovers

I saw this burlap fabric at Hobby Lobby and knew I had to make Christmas pillow slipcovers for my front porch bench. 🎄 I like making slipcovers for various seasons rather than having multiple pillows. It is much easier to store the slipcovers as compared to multiple sets of pillows and it is an excuse for me to sew!🧵✂️

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How We Installed Barn Wood on Our Porch Ceiling

This is a picture of the porch ceiling before we added the old barn wood.

Below is an after picture of the barn wood ceiling (also after we added the rock on the face of the house, built the fireplace,  and wrapped the columns). The floor is our next project!

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The Making of a Craft Room

This is my HAPPY PLACE! I can get lost for hours working on a project in this space. Actually this closet/room is adjacent to my office in our loft, so I can really spread out.

Here is a before picture. 😳

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Spray Painting Light Fixtures

I was undecided about what type of light fixtures to purchase for my my craft room. So I decided just to use what was there for now. I did not like the brass, so I decided to spray paint them. I LOVE spray paint! ❤️I started by taping the electrical socket to ensure paint would not get in the socket. I covered the electrical wires with painters tape too. This old crate is great for spray painting. (Can you tell I have used it to paint before? 😉) Continue reading “Spray Painting Light Fixtures”

Tiling Our Kitchen Backsplash

Neal laid out the backsplash. We purchased square tiles, so he made SOOOO  MANY 😫cuts!He also had to cut around the electrical outlets, so more cuts! Those orange things are spacers; this is where the mortar will be applied after all the tile are in place.  Continue reading “Tiling Our Kitchen Backsplash”

Interior Construction of Our New Addition

New Addition Pictures

Below is our new master bedroom. I like this picture because it was my makeshift office. It worked! Through the studs on the far right of the picture is the master bathroom, where the garden tub will be installed. Continue reading “Interior Construction of Our New Addition”

Updating Our Fireplace

Below are more BEFORE pictures of our fireplace. This picture shows the fireplace after we removed the wood molding around the fireplace and after we removed the carpet.  Check out the floor! Oh my! 🤪 Continue reading “Updating Our Fireplace”

Our Dining Area Renovation/Update

The Future Dining Room Area

It is hard to believe this is the same area (before and after) pictures. This was part of a total renovation of our lake house, which is now our permanent home. We closed this original window. New construction (Neal’s office) is on the other side. The doorway that is covered with plastic is the front foyer. The closed door is access to the steps to the loft.  Continue reading “Our Dining Area Renovation/Update”