Chalk Painting and Hanging Three Old Windows

three blue chalk painted old windows

These old windows came from the first house we renovated; the house was in Cullman, Alabama, and built in 1937 so these windows are old.

Cleaning the Windows

I used a household cleaner and rags to clean the glass and the wood frames.

Painting the Windows

I used Behr Norwegian Blue Decorative Chalk Paint to paint the front and edges of each window.

I used a razor blade to scrape the paint off of the glass.

All finished painting!

Hanging the Windows Using HangITstrips

We always use two D-brackets on the back of artwork, pictures, and windows so they will consistently hang straight.

We also use hangITstrips because they enable you to easily pinpoint the exact location for both nails without all the measuring. Click HERE to see how hangITstrips work.

Check out how I used hangITstrips to easily hang these three windows.

Here is the Final Result

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions about how to chalk paint and hang three old windows by posting below.

To see how I used another old window, click HERE to view How to Create a Gallery Wall Over a Table. I love old windows!

To see how I transformed another old window into a wipe board, click HERE.

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Do you have some old windows that need a little chalk paint?

Happy DIYing!

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