Chandelier Makeover

“They” say you are suppose to discard items you have not used in the last year, but not me! I just love this light fixture and hung on to it for several years. We bought it on clearance many years ago and used it in our daughter Emmy’s bedroom when she was a child. At the time, it was gold. When Neal helped me create my craft room, I dug this out of the attic and decided to use it. I bought a can of pink spray paint (spray paint transform junk to jewels) and VOILA! Don’t you just love how it turned out!

First, I cleaned the fixture, removed all the light bulbs, stuffed tape in each light socket to prevent the paint from getting in there. Initially, Neal hung this upside down on a horizontal pole with a wire. This allowed me to be sure that all nooks and crevices were painted. Then we flipped it over and painted again. It is important to get all the edges and crevices from every angle. I used light pink spray paint (see below).

My sweet Neal collected crystals for me. For several weeks, he would come home with a handful until I had enough. Each time, I washed them with soap and water and had to reconfigure several of them. All the crystals are old.

Here are the icicle crystals.

I just love the way the crystals reflect the light!

Here is it in my craft room.

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