Construction of New Front Porch Project

Front Porch (street side)

Before we finished our front door (street side), we had to walk the plank to enter through the front door! That board (see picture below) covered the second story drop! (Remember that we lived here during renovation/construction.) It was such a relief when we added our porch floor! We used corrugated steel, which is very strong for the base. Then we added the brick rowlock, which sort of serves as a frame for the porch floor. Next was the mortar base. Here is our front porch after the tile and step have been added. This is also after we added stone around the entire foundation of the house. And another picture of the porch. Click here to see porch update projects.

Click here to see how we wrapped our porch columns.

Click here to see how I chalk painted the front porch bench.

Click here to see the front porch milk cans project.

Click here to see how I sewed slipcovers for the front porch pillows.

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