How to Make a Chalkboard from an Old Cookie Sheet

This was a fun little project! Neal brought home this treasure for me. Yelp, we love thrift stores! It was an old and dirty cookie sheet. 😳

I cleaned it and then spray painted the bottom and after the bottom dried, painted the top. I did two coats of spray paint. Below is the spray paint I used from Home Depot.

I painted chalkboard paint on the base/bottom of the cookie sheet, leaving the sides pink as sort of a frame. Here is the chalkboard paint I used; I purchased this from Home Depot.

I painted (freehanded) the white dots. (This was before I had a Cricut. Now I would cut white vinyl dots.) Here is the white paint I used; I think I purchased this from Walmart (🤔can’t remember).

I asked Neal to drill holes in the top corners. He is the BEST! 😍

I painted the two raw ends of the ribbon with clear fingernail polish so it would not ravel. I pulled each end through each hole and tied a knot to hold it in place. Then I added a bow at the top as a finishing touch! I hung this in my craft room over my sewing machine. I think it adds just the right touch! 

If you want to see more about my Craft Room, click HERE.

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