Daisy Goes to Church

Neal and I attend Chapel in the Pines during the summer. It is on Logan Martin Lake in Pell City, Alabama. It is organized by Pell City First United Methodist Church. Each Sunday a different pastor from a local church preaches. We have thoroughly enjoyed being inspired by several pastors and worshipping with other believers in the woods by the lake.

Today was the last day of Church in the Pines for the season. They planned a service (mostly singing) for participants to bring their furry friends to be blessed.
All this to say…Daisy went to church! (Buddy our cat stayed home.)We sat by Gracie who is a sweet black lab.

When the congregation sang, many dogs chimed in through a mixture of barking, whining, and maybe a little howling (people chuckled). At the end of the service, there were two areas in which owners brought their dogs to be blessed. Our pastor kneeled down and quickly prayed over Daisy.
Of course being the dog lovers Neal and I are, we ❤️ this! We appreciated how our church did this. This shows their willingness to try something new to draw people in, celebrates how much we love our dogs and demonstrates we can thank God for all of our blessings…even our dogs!

Author: Suzanne

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11 thoughts on “Daisy Goes to Church”

  1. That is the cutest thing I have ever heard of. I love that idea and I’m sure Daisy had a great time. G

  2. This is such a sweet thing for y’all to take part of! I’m sure sweet Ladybug smiled at you too!!!

  3. Great story! So great to celebrate God’s gift of pets. Most my past dogs however would have needed to go to confession before getting their blessing?? Ha-Ha!!

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