Our Dining Area Renovation/Update

The Future Dining Room Area

It is hard to believe this is the same area (before and after) pictures. This was part of a total renovation of our lake house, which is now our permanent home. We closed this original window. New construction (Neal’s office) is on the other side. The doorway that is covered with plastic is the front foyer. The closed door is access to the steps to the loft. In the picture below, you can see the open doorway, which leads into the front foyer and the start of the new construction. Neal is removing the old railing around the steps that lead to the basement. A small child could fall through this railing! Here is another view of this area.

Below are some after pictures of this area, which became the dining area.

Sweet Ladybug decided to be in the picture.

To see the entire renovation of our lake house, click HERE.

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