A DIY Quick and Easy Halloween Costume

Do you need to make a quick and easy Halloween costume?  

I am volunteering at our church’s Halloween carnival. They are encouraging adults to dress up, so I decided to make a jack-o-lantern 🎃 costume.

My DIY costume costs less than four dollars and I purchased all my supplies at Hobby Lobby. You can also purchase these supplies at Walmart or a craft store.


    • Old orange sweatshirt (turned it inside out so not to see the AU)
    • Green felt (purchased 1/3 yard at Hobby Lobby, which was WAY too much)
    • Orange felt square
    • Brown felt square
    • 3 green pipe cleaners
    • Tissue paper (already had this in my gift wrapping supplies)
    • scissors
    • Straight pins
    • Thread or embroidery floss (already had this in my craft/sewing collection)
    • Needle

Making the Jack-O-Lantern Shirt

I had an old Auburn shirt. I turned it inside out — all about upcycling and saving money. I first made the triangle eyes, nose, and mouth from tissue paper. I wanted to get the dimensions right before cutting the felt. Then I used the tissue paper as my pattern for cutting the black felt. I pinned the face on the shirt, tried it on to make sure everything looked right, and then basted each part. (You need to make sure the triangles are not in an awkward spot if you are a lady. 😆). Basting is a quick and temporary technique – – sewing just enough to hold it in place, but easy enough to remove. When you baste the felt in place, be sure to do so around the edges. If you are in a hurry, you could also safety pen these in place. Below shows the face pinned in place before I basted.

Making the Green Leaf Collar

I used tissue paper to make the collar pattern. I made a front and a back pattern. The front and back patterns are the same, except the front pattern has a little more of a scooped neck. I just freehanded the triangular shapes. It does not have to be perfectly symmetrical. I then cut the front and back pieces out of green felt. I added a little extra felt on the end (see picture below) for allow for a seam when overlapping these two pieces. I stitched the collar together on one side, ironed the seam open, and trimmed the seam that folded over. On the other side, I added snaps. Velcro or even a safety pin would work.

 Making the Hat

I traced a large, round salad bowl (9 inches in diameter) on tissue paper and cut it out. I folded the circle into quarters (folded it in half and then folded it in half again). I drew a scallop in the middle and a half scallop on each side (see below). Then I trimmed it (the pencils marks). When I opened it up, there was a scalloped pattern around the edge.

I used the tissue paper pattern to cut the orange felt. I slit the orange felt and overlapped one scallop over another to create a cap-like shape. I rolled a piece of brown felt for the stem. I stitched it closed on the end and down the side. I printed this leaf image and used it to make leaf patterns from tissue paper and cut them out. You could also draw your own leaves. I rolled green pipe cleaners around a pencil. I sewed the overlapping orange felt in place. Next, I sewed the brown stem, three leaves and two of the three pipe cleaners in place. I pulled my hair through the hole in the center of the cap (under the brown stem). This will help hold the cap in place. I saved the third pipe cleaner to wrap around my small ponytail coming out of the hole.

Here is my jack-o-lantern costume for less than four dollars.

What has been your favorite Halloween costume?

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