Using an Old Door to Make these Unique Wall Hooks

making hooks from old door DIY home improvement project

I love using something old and rustic (especially if it is wood) and I have an obsession with hooks. So, this project of using an old door to make these unique wall hooks was right up my alley!

These hooks are in our basement and are perfect for hanging lake towels and bags.

Find an Old Door (or something unique):

This door was an old door in the basement (borderline cellar) in one of our previous homes. The house was built in the 1930s in Cullman, Alabama; this house was our first house renovation. We opted to remove the door and yet could not bring ourselves to depart with it. It was calling us to make something out of it. We answered the call!

Cut the Old Door:

We cut the door in half. Next, we flipped over the bottom so the crossbars would be aligned. We then added hooks on the cross pieces. It was as simple as that.

Hang the Door/Hooks on the Wall:

We wanted this to be securely fastened to the wall. Instead of using D-rings on the back of the door halves to attach to the wall, we removed the hooks and screwed the door halves directly into the wall.

Then we reinstalled the hooks on top of the screws. We were very careful not to put the wall screws where we would be installing the hook screws. The hooks hide the wall screws.

It is very secure on the wall. Initially, we used this on our porch (screwing into a block wall) and then a few years later moved it to our basement den area (reinstalled in drywall).

And there you have it! Let us know if you have any questions or what you think about our unique walls hooks made from an old door.

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You can add hooks to almost anything . . . a piece of wood, an old wooden boat paddle, an old window, etc.

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What is something you have to which you could add hooks?

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