Easter Tablescape: Bring on Spring!

It was an enjoyable project to assemble this Easter tablescape and bring a little spring into the house!

Neal and I eat dinner at our table every night, so I wanted something that is narrow. This tablescape is simple, but it adds just the right amount of Easter cheer to our home.

I used a piece of 8.5″ natural burlap (comes on a roll from Hobby Lobby). I folded it under the ends for a length of 41.5″. I try not to cut burlap so I can reuse it over and over again for different purposes. I ❤️ burlap! I purchased this cute little rabbit at T.J. Maxx. I just love his sweet expression. Neal was with me (lunch date) and he actually selected him from the group of rabbits. This sweet little rabbit served as my anchor for the entire arrangement. I added the double ribbons around his neck. As I pass by the table multiple times during the day, this sweet little rabbit makes me smile. I purchased these eggs at Hobby Lobby. I really like the colors of these speckled eggs – – sort of muted. I had these old wooden boxes and thought they added an old farm look. The wooden box in the picture below is an old crayon box. The other wooden box in the picture below is an old cheese box. This little chick was something I made when I was a young child living in Maryland. I went to a ceramics class with one of my friends and her mother. My Dad was a poultry farmer at the time, so I remember selecting this little chick to paint. It is about 47 years old! I love that I rediscovered it recently. I just love these sweet little moss bunnies. I purchased these at Hobby Lobby. I tied two ribbons around their necks and put one at each end of my tablescape. I like that they have different poses. I purchased the green grass at T.J. Maxx. Here is another view from another perspective. I already had the silver candlesticks. I liked the contrast with the Easter decorations. I purchased the smaller eggs from Hobby Lobby too. I purchased these napkins from T.J. Maxx and used as a layer between the dinner and salad plates. I purchased these string eggs at Hobby Lobby. I hung them on our chandelier with jute string. I like that they have wire under the string. This will help them last for several years. Notice sweet Daisy sleeping on her pillow in the background. The picture below is the view from our loft. I get to enjoy the tablescape as I work in my office.

You could adapt this by adding different figurines, different grass or eggs. Creating this tablescape was fairly economic and I will be able to reuse all of these decorations year after year. You could make this even more economical by using plastic eggs.

A few final thoughts . . .
Decorating for Easter reminds me that spring is almost here. More importantly, however, I am reminded that Lent is a time to prepare my heart for the crucifixion of Jesus and Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He gave his life to pay for my sins.

How do you decorate for Easter?

What does Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection mean to you?

Author: Suzanne

Blogger and DIYer with my talented husband Neal. I share about our projects and life lessons following Christ.

9 thoughts on “Easter Tablescape: Bring on Spring!”

  1. We have all our family visit and do an Easter egg hunt with all the little ones. Your table makes me want to do up my table. Our little ones would like this.

  2. I always hang an Easter wreath on our front door and get out an old Easter Rabbit cookie jar my mom had when I was a kid. I also put some pink & blue candles on my table. I like what you did and might add more to my table now. I like your blog.

  3. I’m absolutely love your blog! I just discovered it and have been looking around for hours, hehe. DIY craft decor is so awesome, to me. Together, my mom and I own a small cabin rental business. Currently, we only rent out our own four cabins, but try to buy a new one each year. One day, I may expand to managing others’ properties, too, but not right now. I love distinguishing my cabins from others with cute, memorable things like year-round decorations (We decorate each of our cabins for Valentine’s Day the whole month of February. Put up Spring decor on March 1st, then switch to our Patriotic Themed decor, which stays up from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Then to Fall & Halloween decor. We modify the Fall decor into Thanksgiving, then we immediately put up the Christmas stuff on Black Friday and generally keep it til February, but just eliminate the Christmas elements and use only the winters ones or the last 3 weeks of January.)

    This is a wonderful idea to add to my Spring decor!!! It would be so adorable. Or I could modify it a bit to place it on the mantle. Lots of cute stuff on your site! I’m so glad I found it! Are y’all on Facebook or YouTube or anything? Thanks so much!!!

    1. Laura,
      Thanks so much for spending time on our blog! I enjoy writing about our projects. It sounds like you have some good things going on too! I am so glad you liked our Easter Tablescape! We are on Instagram and Pinterest.

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