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This blog post was originally posted in December 2018 and updated in December 2019.

I tend to use every space available for storage. ? This cubby is a small attic access (behind the knee wall) in our loft, which also serves as my office and craft room.

Below is the BEFORE picture of this space.

First, I removed all the contents and cleaned the space. It was dusty and had some construction debris from when we remodeled. Why do contractors just leave random nails in an attic access. Below is a picture of the space after I cleaned it.

You can see the air/heat duct. Next, I laid out all of my wrapping supplies and began to sort them. I use this same process for anything I am organizing; it creates a mess at first, but the result is well worth the mess. I sorted into the following groups:

    • gift bags
    • rolls of wrapping paper
    • tissue paper
    • gift boxes
    • bows, ribbon, etc.
    • wrapping supplies such as tape, scissors, etc. ✄

Once I had everything sorted by category, then I sorted each of these groups.

    • gift bags were sorted by Christmas, birthday, baby, wedding, generic and then I sorted each of these categories by size (example: sort Christmas bags by size – – large, medium and small, birthday bags by size, etc.).
    • I took the time (and it was frustrating, but worth it in the end) to match tops and bottoms of gift boxes. I threw away the tops and bottoms that did not have a partner. I then sorted the boxes by size — large, medium, and small. To my credit, I have not bought gift boxes for years! When I purchase something at Kohls or Belk for Christmas, I walk out of the store with a great sense of pride that I don’t need to go to customer service and request a gift box. (Do they even offer this service anymore?) It is also good for the environment. On Christmas morning when we are opening gifts, I am like a Ninja collecting, sorting, and refolding boxes to restore my collection. Maybe I should be a little more tuned in to the moment of family members opening and celebrating their new treasures . . . (Neal is also quite impressive by keeping a large garbage bag by his side and all family members are trained to crumble their wrapping paper and toss to Neal. May the family tradition live on! )
    • Back to sorting . . . So I continued sorting tissue paper and wrapping paper the same way until everything was sprawled across the floor in neat and clearly defined stacks.

I then visited my attic to see what containers and crates I had in my collection of “saved goods” that I could use for each pile (gift bags, boxes, tissue paper, wrapping supplies, etc.). There is a little trial and error on this part. I selected a crate that is too big or too small, but just like Goldilocks, I stayed with it until I got it just right. ? (I also needed to make sure all the crates would fit in my cubby space.)

I put the items into each crate/container. I took the time to do this neatly.

The metal crates are from my father’s house. They are not super cute but are durable because they are metal. (They also make me think of my Dad who passed away, which makes the process of wrapping a gift that much more special.) I used a garbage can to contain the rolls of wrapping paper.

I was so proud of my box sorting that I just had to share a second picture!

I put each crate/container in the cubby-closet so I can access what I need. Then I decided to add a little more functionality by using a metal hanging basket also from my Dad’s house. (Like father, like daughter by keeping junk you might reuse one day. My attic is like a flea market! At least I am a fairly organized packrat.)

I also painted the inside of the cubby door and the threshold to give it a finished look; it would bug me to leave it the way it was.

The metal basket had yellowed due to age, but no fear, because I had a can of white spray paint in my collection! I can transform anything with a can of spray paint!

Now for the real fun, I had just received my Cricut (vinyl cutter). My sweet Neal gave it to me as my retirement present (after he helped me paint and transform my Craft Room). My Cricut stayed in the box for months because we were so busy cleaning out and repairing my father’s house after he passed away (remember he was a packrat too). But this project was just screaming for me to break that bad boy out of the box and cut something! This was my FIRST Cricut project!

After watching a few Cricut tutorial videos online, I mustered up my courage, designed a very simple font, and pressed “Make It”. This was before I realized I needed transfer paper (I was so anxious to make something, I just skipped this part of the video), so I peeled off the letters and put them on the back of the door freehanded. I reconciled it was close enough for my first vinyl cutting project.

I found a hook in my hook collection (Yes, I have a random hook collection in my craft cabinet; don’t judge me!) I installed the hook for my repainted metal basket and stocked with wrapping supplies (scissors, tape, gift tags, etc.). The wrapping cubby is in business!

Here is my wrapping paper cubby/closet when not in use.

I sit on the floor or use the guest bed in my office (adjacent to my Craft Room) to wrap presents. I can remove the basket if needed, which also makes it convenient. Because my supplies are neatly organized and in one place, it takes the stress out of the wrapping process and now I can focus on the person the gift is for (thinking about how much I love that person, praying for them, etc.) as I am wrapping.

I also take the time to keep my gift wrapping area organized. I don’t just cram the supplies back in; I continue to sort and put things in their proper place as I use things. My family members use this too. Neal teased me about this space being so organized, but I think I heard him humming a Christmas tune when he was joyfully wrapping presents in this space. My children (especially my son who can sometimes be a last-minute wrapper), have learned that this is the “go-to” place for wrapping presents. Below is a picture of this space a year later.

And that is a wrap!

Do you have a small space that you keep your wrapping supplies? If so, please share below or tell me what you think about my gift wrapping cubby.

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