How to Make a Needle Book with an Embroidered Cover

needle book with felt for holding needles

I made this needle book to store a variety of needles,  a small pair of scissors, and small sewing or smocking accessories. I take it with me when I travel and take an embroidery or smocking project with me.

Sewing the Batting to the Front and Back Cover:

Below is the front and back cover (exterior of the needlebook). I tried my hand at embroidery just for fun. You can use any type of fabric just as long as it is not too thick. I pinned batting to this in preparation for sewing this together to make the cover of my needlebook. Before I pinned it, I ironed it. My Mom taught me many years ago it is best to iron as you sew or actually before you sew. It keeps everything neat and easier to line up the seams.

So here is the inside cover of the needlebook. I also ironed this panel too.

Here is the backside of the front cover with the batting pinned and ready to be sewn. 

Here is the batting after I sewed it to the front cover. I realize my batting is not cut very even, but it does not matter.

Sewing the Two Panels Together to Make Your Needle Book

Here the two panels are sewn together. Initially, I only sewed three sides. I ended up sewing the fourth side, but only two-thirds of this fourth side.  I am not sewing this closed because I will need to turn this right side out. It is similar to making a pillow slipcover without a zipper.

Turning Right Side Out

In the picture below, I have already turned it right side out and am ready to whip stitch this remaining section closed.

Here is the front cover of the book before I sewed closed the right bottom edge. It is a little wrinkled because of having to turn it right side out; it got wrinkled when I pushed it through the hole I left open.

Here is the inside cover of the needlebook before I stitched the edge (on the far left bottom corner.

This picture is after I whipped stitched the edge closed (on the far left bottom corner.

More close-ups of the front/exterior of the needlebook.

Here is the front of my needlebook. It is coming together . . . but not finished yet. I ironed it again.

Adding Felt Pages

This is the inside cover (when you open it up). I took two pieces of felt, and trimmed them to the right size to make my “pages” and thefolded them over (two pieces to make four pages). Then, I sewed the pages in the spine of my book. I was really careful to center this before sewing.  I used pink thread to match the felt on the spool on my sewing machine and used tan thread in my sewing machine’s bobbin. This worked great! The pink thread blended with the pink pages and the tan thread blended with the exterior spine of my needlebook.

Here is the back cover of my needlebook after I added the pages.

And here is the back cover . . . but still not finished yet!

Adding Buttons

I decided to add button closures.

I added elastic loops in the seam on the back of the cover for the buttons. This enables me to secure the needlebook (and its contents) when it is closed. I should have added these elastic loops when I was sewing the two panels together (adding these loops was an afterthought), but I just created a small hole in the seam, tucked the raw ends of the loops in the hole, and then secured them by stitching multiple times. (Look closely and you can see my stitches.) 

Adding Details

I then had fun by adding several details to make the pages functional (after all, it is a needlebook ).

On this first page, I created a pocket for floss or other small/thin supplies. I used felt and embellished it with ribbon (I love ribbon and polka-dots, so I love ribbon with polka-dots!) In addition, I used contrasting thread (pink on the white felt) to give it some pizzazz!

I added these felt pieces (sewn by hand in my book) for needle storage. In addition, I added the ribbon as an embellishment. I love pink and green, can you tell?

This heart is a double pocket. The white part of the heart is open at the top for a pocket and the pink section is a pocket. I used a green contrasting thread. On the last page, I combined the last two pages to make a pocket for scissors. I added a piece of extra felt for the top of the scissors for extra protection and to help with wear and added the ribbon (wrapped around the back and down the sides) to add stability for the scissors. Also, I punched holes in the felt and the ribbon to add the string to hold the scissors. I painted the ribbon and the felt holes with clear fingernail polish so neither would unravel. Also, I painted the ends of all the ribbons I used with clear fingernail polish for the same reason.

A Few More Fun Details for Embellishing Your Needle Book…

I added a few last embroidery flowers and contrasting green floss to embellish this page.

Here is the backside of this page and the inside back cover.

And here is the back of the book (again). 

This was a fun project that I worked on in the evenings. It took me about a week. I NEVER just sit still and watch television. I have to be doing something.  Doing embroidery, smocking, sewing, and crocheting projects also keep me from snacking too much at night.

As you can see, my embroidery and sewing are not perfect but the process of learning and improving fuels me. So be brave and try your hand at this project or any other project. You can do it!

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Stay tuned for more embroidery projects!


  1. Jackie Joiner on 12/18/2020 at 11:08 AM

    Suzanne, this is absolutely adorable! It made me smile! I love everything about it!

    • Suzanne on 12/18/2020 at 4:02 PM

      Hey Sweet Jackie,

      You are SOOOOO sweet to say that! It was so much fun to make and I actually use it a lot.

      Love YOU!

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