How to Install LED Canned Lights

Materials Needed:

    • Canned lights (and stencil)
    • Electrical lights
    • Jigsaw
    • Measuring tape
    • Pencil
    • Certified electrician (safety is essential)

We purchased these LED canned lights from Home Depot.

Determine to the location of each canned light:

Take the time to measure your room, think about the function of your room, and where is the best location for each light. We decided to add two rows of three in a rectangular pattern. We also added two additional canned lights in nooks (transitioning to a hallway and at the bottom of the steps). We marked each location with orange tape.

Prior to installing the ceiling, pull the wire:

Hire a certified electrician. Your safety (and life) is too important to change this. In our case, Neal is capable of wiring lights.

Cutting the hole:

We installed the canned lights during the process of installing a shiplap ceiling. As we approached each row, we traced the template (the template should be in the box) with a pencil on the backside of the shiplap (above the grid).

Then we removed the shiplap and cut the circular opening with a jigsaw.

Here is one piece of shiplap after cutting the hole.

Here is the final hole. Notice that we had to cut two rows (three pieces) of shiplap.

Installing the Canned Light:

As you install the shiplap, make sure the actual canned light is hanging below the shiplap (hanging by the wire). At this point, Neal actually wired the light. We turned off the breaker to ensure safety. HIRE A CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN IF YOU ARE NOT. Once the light is wired, insert in the hole using the clips on the light fixture. Double-check to make sure each light is properly working as you go.

It is worth repeating, SAFETY is ESSENTIAL. We suggest HIRING A CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN if you are not certified. Your life and those you love are too valuable to risk any mistakes.

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