How to Paint Door Hinges

My Mom purchased a small house down the street from us. We spent several months updating the house prior to my Mom moving into her new home. We are so glad she lives close to us.

The door hinges were mix-matched. Some were brass and some were silver. We ordered new black doorknobs and wanted to paint the hinges to match so we decided to spray paint them black.

Below are some before pictures:

The before picture below is prior to us installing vinyl floor planks.

Materials Needed:

    • Drill with bits or screwdriver
    • Hammer
    • flat bar (or can use a flat screwdriver)
    • Soap and water (and maybe some type of cleaning spray)
    • Sandpaper (if the hinges are smooth and need to be “roughed up”)
    • Black spray paint
    • Some type of drop cloth, plastic, cardboard, wood, etc. as a pallet for spray painting
    • Black paint (for touching up screw heads)

Removing the hinges:

If you DON’T WANT TO TAKE THE DOORS OFF THE HINGES, then you can do this in stages. I did this in our previous house and it worked like a charm!

    1. First, remove (using a drill with a bit or a screwdriver) and paint all the top hinges and then reinstall them. SEE DIRECTIONS BELOW FOR HOW TO PREPARE, PAINT, ETC.
    2. Next, remove and paint all the middle hinges and then reinstall them.
    3. Finally, remove and paint all the bottom hinges and then reinstall them. It will take a little extra time (maybe a few days) because of the drying time, but it was much easier than removing the doors.

However, because we had removed all the doors to paint them, we just remove all the hinges with a drill and bit (or you can use a screwdriver). This before picture is prior to us installing vinyl floor planks.

Removing hinges:

Close the door so you can have full access to the pin that holds the two hinge pieces together. Use a flat bar or a flat screwdriver and pry the hinge pin in an upward direction. You might need to use a hammer to tap the flat bar or screwdriver to jar the pin loose. Warning: The pin might be greasy, so don’t get this on your clothes. Once you remove the pin, open the door and use a drill and bit or screwdriver to remove the screws that are holding the hinges in place. Remember, just remove one hinge at a time if you don’t want to remove your doors. Be careful not to strip the heads of each screw. You want to reuse these screws if possible.

Sand if the hinges are new or have a smooth surface:

If the hinges are relatively new or have a smooth surface, roughly sand them to create a more porous painting surface.This will help the paint stick.

Clean the hinges:

I used warm water and dish detergent to clean all the hinges; this will ensure the paint sticks. If your hinges are really dirty, use a more abrasive cleaner to ensure a clean paint surface.

Layout the hinges:

I used a leftover piece of shower board (we had just tiled the shower) as my pallet. It worked great because it was stiff and I could move them outside for painting and inside overnight out of the weather.

I kept them in the same order in which I removed them so it would be easier to reinstall them. You can also label the backside of each hinge with a sharpie, but this can easily get painted over as you are attempting to paint all the angles of the hinges, which is why I suggest doing both (labeling and just laying them out in the right order).

Shake spray paint:

We used Rust-oleum flat protective enamel spray paint.
Be sure to read and follow the directions on the spray paint. Shake the can for several minutes to ensure the paint is even mixed in the can. There is a ball in the can so you should be able to hear the ball easily moving.

Spray painting:

It is crucial to paint all the angles. As hinges open and close, different sections of the hinges are seen. It is very easy to miss a section (as I initially did). If you do miss a section, just remove and touch up – – no biggie!

Tips on spray painting:

    • Hold several inches away from the hinges.
    • As you spray paint, keep the can moving (i.e. don’t concentrate in one spot so as not to have drips).
    • It is better to spray paint several coats rather than apply the spray paint too heavy. Patience is the key!

Ensure each section gets painted:

Lay them flat, spray paint, and allow them to dry. Again, don’t rush this process!

  1. After they are dry, flip over and paint the other side. Make sure you spraypaint the edges.
  2. Then prop them up, spray paint and allow them to dry.
  3. Then flip them over, prop them up again, spray paint and allow them to dry.

Be sure to open and close the hinges and examine them from multiple points of view to ensure all visible parts have been painted.

Be sure not to rush! Take your time so each hinge has an even coat of paint


Once the hinges are painted, reinstall using a drill and bit or a screwdriver.

Painting Screw Heads:

There are two options:

    1. You can stick the screws in a piece of cardboard or actually screw in a piece of wood and spray paint the heads. However, some of the paint will scrape off when you reinstall the hinges.
    2. OR you can get a comparable black paint and just touch up with a small artist’s brush once in place. (This is what I did and it worked great.)

Here is a closeup after the screws were painted.

Below is the final result!

Below is a before and after picture you can pin for later. The before picture is prior to us installing vinyl floor planks. And now enjoy your updated hinges. Isn’t it amazing how this small change makes your doors look so much better?

Special Note about doorknobs: Because doorknobs need to be more durable due to constant contact, we opted to purchase and install all new doorknobs. It was worth the investment.




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    1. Hey Kristina,

      Great question! No, we have not noticed any paint coming off. We have done this in a previous house and it lasted the entire time we lived there (7 years) without any issues. I think the trick is to properly prepare the hinges (make sure they are very clean). Also, make sure you don’t rush the spray painting. Take your time and do a thorough job of painting them. This is a project you don’t want to rush.

      I hope that helps! Thanks for reading our blog!


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