Interior Construction of Our New Addition

New Addition Pictures

Below is our new master bedroom. I like this picture because it was my makeshift office. It worked! Through the studs on the far right of the picture is the master bathroom, where the garden tub will be installed.These are the windows in our master closet. It gives us natural light; they are high, which allows us to add shelving and gives us privacy.

Neal’s New Office

This was the exterior (side of the house) of the existing house. Notice where the window was closed (now the dining area on the other side of the wall). This is now the interior wall in Neal’s office.These are the new windows in Neal’s office. He has a view of the lake while he works. ⛵This is a view from our master bedroom closet after spray insulation. Through the framing, you can see through the foyer closet, the foyer and into the existing house (in the far distance is the old kitchen).

New Master Bedroom

Here is our master bedroom after drywall.Here is the view from our bedroom. This is the master bedroom after the heart pine floor was installed, but before polyurethane was applied to the floor. Here is a final picture of our master bedroom. Here is our view of the lake.

New Master Bathroom

This is after spray insulation. The future tub will be on the left and the shower is on the right. The double vanity will be inserted on the large wall. Garden tub arrived . . . that is a start! I love soaking in the tub looking out at the lake! We added trim on the side of the garden tub to cover the exposed side (motor). We wanted it to blend with our bathroom, but be easily removed if the tub motor had to be serviced/repaired at some point. My smart Neal figured out how to do this! Here you can see the trim we added; we wanted the design to blend with our cabinet doors. We painted it to match our cabinets (see final pictures below). This picture makes me laugh. This is during the tile installation. Below are pictures of our master bathroom after completion. This picture shows the painted trim on the side of the tub. You can see the lake while taking a shower.

New Foyer

Here is the new foyer after drywall. The new foyer is where the new construction is connected to the existing house. Here is a picture of our foyer now. Below is a closeup of the foyer ceiling. The mill rounded some of the heart pine for our ceiling. This ceiling helps transition the new construction with the existing cathedral ceiling in the living area. Below are pictures of the ceiling in the original part (main living area) of our house.


There is a closet under the steps that leads to the basement. This closet had to be cut back to make space for the hallway to the new basement addition. This is the basement living room for the young folks! We added the double windows to brighten this space and enhance the view of the lake. Here is the inside view after cutting the block for the new windows. Here the studs have been added so this area can be drywalled. Here is a picture after we added the window; however, we have since updated this area with different furniture. (Ryan and our nephews Lawson and Jackson are playing video games.) It still remains a work in progress . . .

Basement Bedrooms (New Construction)

This is Ryan’s room (far end of the basement new addition). You can see the plumbing in the floor where his bathroom will be. Emmy and Keith’s bedroom and bathroom being framed in this picture. The man is standing in the double window, which has a view of the lake.More framing . . .The drywall is being installed over the spray foam insulation on all exterior wall. Another picture of Emmy and Keith’s Bedroom. We covered the floor because we wanted to seal the concrete floor. We are eventually going to add flooring to dress up this area, but it works how it is for now. Ryan’s bedroom and his framed in closet. You can see Emmy and Keith’s room behind Ryan’s room. This is Ryan’s bedroom after drywall. Below are a few pictures after construction. Since our renovation project, we have added a shiplap ceiling and vinyl plank flooring in the basement.

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