Our Basement Reveal

It took us a few months but we have finally finished our basement makeover project. We are thrilled with the result! Let us know what you think by commenting at the end of this post.



First, we installed a drop ceiling grid system in preparation for installing the shiplap ceiling. 

Next, we installed a shiplap ceiling, which REALLY transformed the entire space!

Then, we installed LED canned lights

Next, we installed crown molding.

We painted the room. We love this color!

I created a gallery wall and made this framed tractor on burlap.

I made hooks from picture frames and vintage doorknobs, which are perfect for hanging our lake towels.

We installed vinyl plank flooring.

And the final step was chalk painting the entertainment center.

It was a lot of work, but we love the final result!

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions by commenting below.






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Author: Suzanne

Blogger and DIYer with my talented husband Neal. I share about our projects and life lessons following Christ.

14 thoughts on “Our Basement Reveal”

    1. Hey Angie,

      Yes, you can use this shiplap on a wall. You will need to use the clips that come with the shiplap. It should look great! Please share your project with me if you do it.

      We are considering using it on a wall too. If we do, you can be assured I will share it in a blog post.

      Thanks for reading our blog!


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