Renovating Our Kitchen


Here is a before and after of the kitchen.

Here is a closeup before and after picture. Below is a picture of the kitchen when we bought the house. Here is a before picture of the kitchen once we moved in (used as a weekend lake house). It worked for a lake house, but was too small for our permanent home, especially because Neal is such a great cook! Below, you can see that we removed part (but not all) of this partial wall. The other side of this wall is where our double oven will be installed. (Overhead is where they installed the large header beam after removing the cedar columns.)Our new kitchen cabinets arrived (in boxes) from Home Depot. Here is where the kitchen window above the sink was removed. Great view! Here is the new kitchen window, but old kitchen cabinets. One more view of the kitchen before demolition! And demolition begins! Good-bye old kitchen cabinets! Notice that the old front door down the hallway has been closed up. This picture is AFTER renovations to give a reference point. The closets for each of the guest bedrooms were repositioned in the hallway where the original front door was located and now closed up. More demo in the kitchen! You go, Neal! Below is what was previously the eating area (table and chairs); the new kitchen will be expanded into this area. This is an overview of what will be our new kitchen. This picture is taken from the loft. The boxes are our new cabinets from Home Depot. WOW! What a mess! This is the day the drywall finishers came! In the bottom right corner is our makeshift kitchen island. Remember, we lived here during the renovation . . . and had many microwave dinners! Don't judge us! New cabinets are being installed. Yippie! The island is in place! More pictures of the kitchen in progress. Granite countertops are being installed! We love the size of our island. The cooktop still needs to be added. They cut the hole for the stovetop on site. Here you see the installed cooktop and refrigerator. Now we are on a roll! Neal laid out the backsplash. We purchased square tiles, so he made SOOOO MANY cuts! He also had to cut around the electrical outlets, so more cuts! Those orange things are spacers; this is where the mortar will be applied after all the tiles are in place. Looking good! The tiles are installed and after they dry, we add mortar to fill the joints. Here is a close-up. Below is a picture after the mortar! Well done, Neal! You are the man! It looks snazzy! Here are some after pictures of our kitchen.

Here is our kitchen today

Click here to see the kitchen tiling project.

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