Renovating Our Loft

Below is a before and after picture of my craft room in the loft. Don’t judge us on how messy this small area is! We had to cram many things in small spaces during renovation and were constantly moving from one space to another (no time to refold shirts). The loft was our main living area during renovation/construction AND . . . this space was Neal’s office (he works from home) AND . . . our closet AND . . . part of our bathroom (vanity area)!This picture makes me laugh. This is an example of “reframing” a negative (lack of space) into a positive (Neal could brush his teeth while sitting at his desk because the sink is so close; now that is convenient!).

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Here is one of the two original windows in the loft bedroom. As you could see from the exterior pictures (previously discussed in this blog posting), we closed two windows in the loft and added one new window in the center. Here is the window closed up and the new window beside it. Again, sorry for the mess! We were a little overwhelmed by all the renovation. Here are the steps from the loft going downstairs after we updated the railing. Here is the final picture of the loft. (My desk is against the rail and not shown in the picture. My craft room is adjacent to this room where Neal was sitting at his desk brushing his teeth.) Here is my view from the loft (while working at my desk). I overlook our living area and can see the lake. It feeds my soul. This is a picture from the main living area looking up at the loft (my office/guest bedroom, craft room, and bathroom).

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