Installing Simulated Stone on the Exterior of Our House

We used Hermitage simulated stone manufactured by Horizon Stone. We purchased this from Jenkins Brick in Pellham, Alabama. We also used Argos Custom Blended Masonry Cement; the color is Savannah Ivory.

We love this simulated stone because it looks like real stone due to the variation; there are so many different shades and shapes. When we were renovating/adding on to our house, we actually traveled to Chattanooga to see this stone on a house.

Below are pictures of installing this manufactured stone on our house. Here is a picture on the side of our house (new construction). Below is a picture showing the new construction (block is not painted) and existing house (block is painted brown). Here is a picture of the stone from the lakeside with the mortar. And one more picture of the new addition. We actually hired professionals to install the stonework on the exterior of our house. However, Neal and I installed the simulated stone on our outdoor fireplace. CLICK HERE to see detailed instructions as to how we built our patio fireplace, which includes installing the same simulated stone.

We also added the stone to the front of our patio porch. The first picture below is without the stone. Click HERE to learn how we installed this simulated stone. The picture below shows where we added the stone to the front of our patio porch. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post!

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