Spray Painting Light Fixtures

I was undecided about what type of light fixtures to purchase for my my craft room. So I decided just to use what was there for now. I did not like the brass, so I decided to spray paint them. I LOVE spray paint! ❤️I started by taping the electrical socket to ensure paint would not get in the socket. I covered the electrical wires with painters tape too. This old crate is great for spray painting. (Can you tell I have used it to paint before?)I lightly sanded each fixture so the paint would stick better. This is spray paint that my daughter Emmy had leftover from a project. I really like the color! We purchased this from Walmart. This is the light fixture over the bathroom sink in my craft room, which also doubles as the loft/guest bed/bathroom.

This is the light fixture over the shower in our loft/guest bed/bathroom.

Spray paint. Tips:

  • Shake thoroughly before using it.
  • Keep the can moving while painting. If you hold too long in one spot, it will drip. It is better to do several coats than to spray too heavy. Be sure you wait for the paint to dry before you give it another coat. I gave these fixtures two coats.

If you are not sure what to do with old light fixtures or want to save some money, spray painting is the perfect option! NOTE OF CAUTION: Be sure you have a certified electrician or someone who is very skilled as rewiring before removing and reinstalling these light fixtures.

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