An old doormat and some acrylic paint — Can you say upcycle?

This exterior door mat was faded and completely worn out. I just hate to throw things away . . . feels so wasteful. (I already have enough discarded junk in landfills for which I am accountable ?‍♀️). Continue reading “An old doormat and some acrylic paint — Can you say upcycle?”

How to Paint an American Flag

This post was originally published in 2019 and has been recently updated.

Several years ago, Neal and I finished constructing the closet on our dock. Neal and I purchased treated lumber at Home Depot to construct our dock closet. It is always challenging to calculate how much lumber you need for these types of projects. We were almost finished with the closet . . . but then we ran out of lumber. It was hot and we were waaaay too tired to go get more lumber. We live about 17 miles from Home Depot. But we got an idea! We used some leftover thin pieces of treated wood to make an American flag. This is an example of reframing a negative into a positive!

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