How to Crochet a Textured Hat

I learned how to crochet from my sweet mother when I was a child. Since my childhood, I have slowly improved my technique (and I am still improving 😉).  I enjoy the challenge of learning a new stitch and creating something that has texture. I am also enamored by all the different types of yard. I literally lose track of time in the yard isle at Hobby Lobby, Walmart or JOANN Fabrics.

I enjoy crocheting especially in the winter months; I do this while watching television with Neal  in the evenings. This also keeps me from snacking. 🍪

I recently visited Wisconsin for my education consultant work. This Alabama girl was COLD! ❄️ However, my new hat kept my head warm!

My Yarn

I really like bulky, textured yarn. It only took me one skein for this hat. 👍 I also liked this color because it blends well with other colors. 

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