From Butcher Block to Farmhouse Table

Bye-bye butcher block table and HELLO farmhouse table!

In the early 1990s (when Ryan and Emmy were toddlers) we moved into a house in Auburn, Alabama (War Eagle!) and bought this kitchen table from Sears. It served us through several moves and the stories it could tell from our two children growing up! Originally, it was a butcher block table with white legs; our son Ryan painted the legs black and used this for an art table/desk in his room while he was in high school.

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Installing Our Heart Pine Flooring

In preparing for the installation of our heart pine flooring, we first, had to make the floor the same level. The contractor built a frame to raise the lower floor (there was a step down in the middle of the room) and then added new plywood throughout the entire house to have a consistent and strong floor base. Neal found our flooring on Craigslist. Basically, we purchased several large beams from an old yarn factory in Columbus, Georgia. We took a field trip (with my Dad) to go see the factory (before they tore it down) and check out the beams. We purchased the beams and had a mill cut the beams into flooring. In the picture below (in our guest bedrooms), you can see some of the oil spots where the heavy equipment sat on the floor. It is truly rustic. Continue reading “Installing Our Heart Pine Flooring”