How to Install Barn Wood on a Porch Ceiling

installing barn wood on porch ceiling diy home improvement project

How to install old barn wood on your ceiling. We installed old barn wood on our front porch ceiling. This blog post shares step-by-step directions so you can install old barn wood on your porch ceiling or any ceiling.

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How We Transformed Our Porch (Total Porch Renovation)

Our porch has been an ongoing project for several years. In this post, I share the TOTAL transformation process, which includes links detailing each specific phase. Transforming our porch was a lot of hard work, but we are so pleased with the result. The porch becomes my outdoor office on a beautiful afternoon. Neal and…

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How We Installed Barn Wood on Our Porch Ceiling

Porch with installed tile floor, barn wood ceiling, and diy home improvement outdoor fireplace

This is a picture of the porch ceiling before we added the old barn wood. Below is an after picture of the barn wood ceiling (after we added the rock on the face of the house, built the fireplace, wrapped the columns, and tiled the floor). So you can really appreciate the transformation, this is…

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Lake House Renovation

We enjoy DIY home improvement projects together. We also enjoy learning and improving our home. We hope our DIY home improvement experiences show you how to do several DIY projects to improve your home. We found this lake cabin in 2011; it was in foreclosure. Our lake house was originally just a weekend place, but now…

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