Building Retaining Walls, a Concrete Path, and Steps

In this post, we share the steps for creating retaining walls, a 7-foot wide concrete path, and steps to our dock. This is a major project and beyond our skill level and capacity (we also don’t own a bobcat) so we hired an experienced contractor. However, Neal did all the electrical. He and I also built the steps, ramp, and railing, and all the finishing work.

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How to Crochet an Adult Beanie and Scarf

Learn how to crochet an adult beanie and scarf. This includes a free crochet beanie and scarf pattern. This crocheted adult beanie and scarf are made from Lion Brand super bulky yarn; the color is Louisville Julep, which is a seafoam green.

I crocheted this scarf and beanie for my good friend for Christmas. Seafoam green is her favorite color. I have been teaching her how to crochet. I remind her that you get better over time – – you learn more and your stitches get more consistent. I am still improving my technique.

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How to Install Barn Wood on a Porch Ceiling

How to install old barn wood on your ceiling. We installed old barn wood on our front porch ceiling. This blog post shares step-by-step directions so you can install old barn wood on your porch ceiling or any ceiling.

We added old barn wood to our front porch ceiling. Click HERE to see how we previously installed barn wood on our lakeside porch ceiling.

Below is a BEFORE picture of our front porch (before we installed barn wood on our ceiling).

Below is our front porch decorated for fall AFTER we installed the barn wood on the ceiling.

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Redoing Our Deck by Flipping the Boards

In 2011, we purchased our lake house. In 2013, we renovated and added an addition. Our deck is original to the house and we have been contemplating what to do with our deck for several years. We considered replacing the wood with composite, but that is so expensive and not in our budget yet. Continue reading “Redoing Our Deck by Flipping the Boards”

How to Install Quarter Round Moulding (shoe moulding)

We have installed A LOT of quarter round (shoe molding) over the years.

We renovated our house . . . and installed quarter round.

We renovated Mom’s house, including installation of vinyl plank flooring . . . and installed quarter round.

We recently added vinyl plank flooring in our basement and will be installing . . . you guessed it . . . quarter round!

Typically, you install quarter round to finish your flooring. It hides the rough edges of your flooring and sort of frames the floor, giving it a clean finished look. Continue reading “How to Install Quarter Round Moulding (shoe moulding)”

How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring

We have been updating our basement over the last few weeks.

Our basement consists of two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, a long hallway, a half bath, and a living room area. The living room area and half bath are part of the original house (old concrete floor with many paint stains) and the two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and hallway are what we added on in 2013.

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