How to Install Quarter Round Moulding (shoe moulding)

We have installed A LOT of quarter round (shoe molding) over the years.

We renovated our house . . . and installed quarter round.

We renovated Mom’s house, including installation of vinyl plank flooring . . . and installed quarter round.

We recently added vinyl plank flooring in our basement and will be installing . . . you guessed it . . . quarter round!

Typically, you install quarter round to finish your flooring. It hides the rough edges of your flooring and sort of frames the floor, giving it a clean finished look. Continue reading “How to Install Quarter Round Moulding (shoe moulding)”

How to Install Crown Moulding

Materials Needed:

    • crown moulding
    • measuring tape
    • miter saw (we have a DeWalt miter saw)
    • miter saw crown stops
    • stud finder
    • trim nail gun
    • finishing nails for nail gun
    • caulk

Neal and I have installed a lot of crowning moulding over the years. We have made many mistakes and wasted a lot of crown molding trying to get the “cuts” right. However, we have perfected (well maybe not perfect, but better ?) our technique and want to pass on what we have learned to you.

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How to Install a Wood Plank Ceiling (Woodhaven by Armstrong)

Read How to Install a Grid Ceiling prior to reading this post.

Prior to installing the wood planks, the exposed HVAC and electrical wires were exposed. Several years ago, we painted this black. However, we wanted to give this room a more finished look. We are so pleased with the result. Below is a BEFORE picture.

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