Updating Light Fixtures (and Ceiling Fans)

This blog post is one of a series that describes how we updated the house my Mom purchased a down the street from us. We made several improvements to this house prior to her moving in.

Updating Light Fixtures

I am always amazed at how updating light fixtures change the appearance of a room. We opted to update all the light fixtures with LED lights; they are energy efficient, which will save Mom money.

For safety purposes, we suggest you hire a licensed electrician. However, Neal is experienced at changing out light fixtures due to numerous house renovation projects.

First, we turned off the corresponding fuse in the junction box. Next, we removed the existing light fixtures and then we installed several new fixtures. We purchased all the new ceiling fans and light fixtures at Home Depot.

Below is the bathroom light fixture BEFORE we replaced it. It was rusty and filthy. Below is the bathroom light fixture AFTER we replaced it. (To see the bathroom renovation click HERE.)Below is a picture of the ceiling fan/light fixture in the master bedroom BEFORE we replaced it. Below is a picture of the ceiling fan/light fixture in the master bedroom AFTER we replaced it. Below is a picture of the two new ceiling fans with light fixtures. (This picture is before we updated the fireplace. To see the updated fireplace, click HERE. You won’t believe the difference!)We installed this light fixture above her dining table. There were not any lights in the carport so we added two lights in her carport. They are not fancy, but they provide great light and security. We added floodlights on each corner of the house so Mom would be able to see her yard at night when she lets her dog out. This also helps with security.

Mom was pleased with the result and if Mom is happy, we are happy!

Think about how you can update your lighting, even if you just start with one fixture at a time.

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