How to Chalk Paint Picture Frames

I have had this gold frame for several years. Over the years, styles change so this frame has become a little outdated.

I purchased these pictures when our children were little. They reminded me of Ryan and Emmy who are now grown. Yes, I am sentimental.

I could have bought new frames…but I like to repurpose things when possible. So, I broke out the chalk paint and gave these frames a new look! No matter how big or small, I am always amazed by how much paint (in this case chalk paint) transforms furniture, lamps, picture frames, etc.

I used my favorite primitive color that I buy from Home Depot.

I painted two coats on each frame and then lightly wiped away some of the paint to allow the gold to peek through, especially on some of the raised areas.

Here is a closeup. I like how it turned out.

I found a quote I liked. It seemed perfect for our guest bedroom. I printed it on linen paper and inserted it in the frame.

And below are the other frames.

The last step is to apply Minwax Wipe-On Poly (polyurethane) with a dust-free rag.

Don’t forget to hang your updated picture frames with hangITstrips so you can pinpoint the exact location for your nails without all the crazy measuring!

Do you have some picture frames that need updating? Grab a brush and some paint!

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Happy DIYing!

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions by commenting below.


Author: Suzanne

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9 thoughts on “How to Chalk Paint Picture Frames”

  1. Is the color more of a tan or gray? I am trying to update a dresser and sort of like the color you used.
    The frames look good too!

    1. Hey Carrie,
      This is my favorite chalk paint color. Search my blog for “chalk paint” and you will see it on several other things.

      It is a little more tan than gray but more like a taupe – – a mix of both. I like it because it goes with everything. The top of the jar looks darker than it is in reality. However, poly makes it a little darker. Let me know if you use it for something!


    1. Hey Mary Ann,

      So sorry I have no idea where I purchased these because it was many years ago when our kiddos were little. I do love them too! So sorry!


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