How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

We removed the old stove and hood.

Reconfigured the kitchen cabinets

We removed the crown molding in two places, so we could reconfigure the cabinets. We removed the cabinet above the stove and installed a smaller cabinet to make room to install a microwave).We installed a smaller cabinet above the stove. We bought a stock cabinet at Home Depot with a door similar to the other cabinet doors. It was a different finish; however, all the cabinets will be painted, which will make it blend. (This picture is actually after we primed the cabinet frame.

We moved the tall end cabinet about 3 inches (to make room for a larger refrigerator) and inserted a piece of wood to fill the gap where the cabinet was moved to make room for the refrigerator. (This picture was also taken after we primed the cabinets.) This piece of wood will also be painted to blend with the cabinets. 

Here is a closeup.

The next step was to reinstall the crown molding and caulk it in preparation for painting.

Prepare for Painting

We remove all the cabinets doors and drawers. We numbered the inside of each door and drawer.

We cleaned the cabinets, lightly sanded, and then cleaned the cabinet surfaces again after sanding. We did this to the cabinet frames and then to the doors (both sides) and drawer surfaces.

Priming the Cabinets

We primed the cabinet frames and then both sides of the doors and the surface of each drawer with Zinsser primer. 

Painting the Cabinets

We used Behr Paint (satin) from Home Depot. The color is Silky White – PPU7-12. It is an off-white.

We painted the island cabinets Ozone PPU 13-14. It is a blueish-gray.

    1. We painted all the cabinet frames.
    2. We painted each side of the doors.
    3. We painted each drawer facing.

We then painted a second coat on the cabinet frames. Notice that I painted the inside edge of each opening.

 Then we painted a second coat on each side of the doors. We painted a second coat on each drawer facing.

Rehanging All the Doors and Drawers

Thankfully, we had numbered all the doors and drawers, so it simplified this process.

Installing Knobs

We purchased black knobs from Home Depot.

We created a template from cardboard and then used this template to mark each cabinet door and drawer with a pencil.

We drilled holes in each door and drawer and screwed each knob in place.

Here are pictures of the finished cabinets with the appliances installed. We also installed a new faucet. These pictures show the final result after the new flooring. 

My Mom is pleased with the result!

Let us know what you think or if you have any questions by posting below.

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2 thoughts on “How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets”

  1. Your Momma is a blessed woman to have you and Neal taking such wonderful care of her! And, I know y’all enjoy every minute of it. Her kitchen is beautiful!! Give her my love.

    1. Jackie,
      You are so sweet to post this. We are thrilled to have my Mom living down the street from us.
      She loves her kitchen!
      Thanks for reading my blog.

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