Milk Can Makeover

This was a milk can that I found in my Dad’s barn after he passed away. He passed away on July 27, 2017. I miss him every day, but I have several special items from his house that remind me of him.

This milk can was originally covered in rust and I had it sandblasted, but not powder coated because I sort of wanted to keep it natural. When I picked it up, Josh (sandblaster guy) highly suggested that I put a coat of polyurethane to protect it or it would rust more. Well . . . I should have heeded this advice because it started to rust again! So I took it back and Josh sandblasted it again and powder coated it for me. Here is another view before I had it sandblasted. It was far worse (completely covered in rust) the first time it was sandblasted, but I do not have a picture of that. I use Dixieland Sand Blasting near the dam on Logan Martin Lake. He has done several things for me and always does a great job!

Voila! Doesn’t it look great! However, when I picked it up, he told me that the seam melted a little because it was LEAD! This means that people were drinking milk that was transported in a can with lead!!! Oh my! I made “Welcome” out of vinyl with my Cricut. Then I decided to add a ribbon. I LOVE burlap because it goes with everything and fits with our house! The ribbon streamer on the right side laid perfectly because of the way it was rolled on the spool. However, the other side did not curl the same way. I used this clip to “curl it” the way I wanted it. That is better! For 4th of July, Christmas, etc. I will use a different ribbon. Now it is right at home on our front porch! Our front porch is covered. However, it will get wet if there is a blowing rain. ?Because it is powder coated, it is now weather-resistant! ☔ I also updated my bow on my F wreath. I bought this ribbon at Walmart. It matches the pillows on my bench. It does not have wire and is not stiff. After I made the bow (using floral wire), I sprayed it and the bow on the milk can with Scotchguard Fabric and Upholstery spray that I bought on Amazon. This made it stiffer and will protect it. Thank you to my friend, Britney for that tip! Here it is on our porch decorated for fall.

Now on to my grandmother’s milk can. This is my grandmother’s old milk can that was at my Dad’s house.
This milk can was painted by my grandmother (Mom-Mom) and I did not want to repaint it because I am worried about losing the flowers. I just think old things are beautiful and I always wonder what their story is. This says Ellsworth. I found this website. The Ellsworth Dairy Cooperative was established in 1910 in East Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Click here to learn about their history. I love knowing its history! I decided just to sand the loose paint off and leave it the way it is for now. If I leave it this way, I will put a coat of polyurethane on it to protect it. Right now, I have it in the interior corner of my front porch so it does not get wet. Here is the front after I sanded it. This is the backside after I sanded it. For now, I just added a triple jute bow to dress it up a little, but also keep it simple. I think that works for now. I will add some color for the 4th of July and other holidays. I think of my grandmother (Mom-Mom) each time I see this on my front porch. She helps me welcome people to our home, which is the perfect way to honor her because she always welcomed me and my sister Mary Beth to her farm home, which was adjacent to our farm. She made everything and everyone feel special. I hope to do the same. Below are a few pictures of our front porch. May we show all those who enter our home the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

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