DIY Burlap Monogram

DIY home improvement project burlap monogram

I have an obsession with burlap. I love the texture and it goes with everything! So, here are the steps I followed to make this DIY burlap monogram.


  • burlap
  • foam board (can also use artist canvas or sturdy cardboard)
  • ruler or tape measurer
  • exacto knife
  • stencil or Cricut or Silhouette to cut a stencil
  • black sharpie marker (maybe a few)
  • tan/brown craft paper or an old paper bag
  • mud podge
  • foam paintbrush (for glue)
  • paper or alligator clips
  • picture frame

Cut the Foam to Fit the Frame: 

I measured the foam board to fit snuggly in my frame and used an Exacto knife to cut the foam board.

Cut the Burlap:

Cut the burlap so that it is 2-3 inches larger than your frame on all sides.

Iron the burlap to create a smooth surface (i.e. no wrinkles).

Purchase Stencil or Make a Stencil:

I made a stencil on my Cricut.

Transferring the Monogram on the Burlap:

Center the stencil on the burlap and trace the outline of the monogram on the burlap using a black finepoint Sharpie Marker. I then colored in the “F” using a thicker black Sharpie.

Glue the Burlap to the Foam Board:

I made sure the foam board was centered on the back of the burlap and then used a foam brush and mod podge to glue the burlap to the foam board.

Next, I folded over the edges, trimming the corners so it would fold over easier, and glued these in place too.

I used large clips to hold it in place until it dried.

Insert Your DIY Burlap Monogram in the Frame:

Once it dried, I inserted the burlap in the frame and hung it in our bedroom. I hung it using hangITstrips which pinpointed the exact location for my nail.

Below is the final result!

Be sure to check out how I made a tractor burlap picture for my farmhouse gallery wall.

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Let me know what you think or if you have any questions by commenting below.

Happy Crafting!

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