How to Raise a Headboard: A DIY Transformation

headboard attached to bed frame

We purchased this mahogany headboard from a thrift store for $35. It was a diamond in the rough. First, we stripped, sanded, and stained the headboard ebony. However, beds (including headboards) are taller these days. Hence, Neal built two boxes (one for each leg) to raise the headboard.

This is a picture after we finished staining the headboard. To learn how we sanded and stained this headboard ebony, click HERE. We love the way it turned out!

Building Boxes to RAISE the Headboard

Neal built two boxes to raise the headboard. Notice that the bottom board on the original headboard rests on the lower side of each box.

You can see in the picture below where the original headboard is sitting in the boxes we constructed and thus the headboard is raised.

We screwed the boxes into each leg of the original headboard.

Next, we screwed the bed frame into the newly constructed headboard box.

Here is the final result.

We are pleased with how the headboard turned out. Since this project, we have installed vinyl flooring in this basement bedroom.

Click HERE to learn how sanded and stained this headboard ebony.

To learn how we made a headboard from an old door, click HERE.

Let us know if you have questions or what you think about how we raised this headboard by commenting below.

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Happy DIYing!

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