Removing our RV Dinette and Replacing with a Table and Chairs

We sold our smaller camper and purchased a slightly bigger camper. We purchased a used 2018 Grand Design Imagine 2600RB and really like the size (for two of us and our dog Daisy) and layout.

Step 1: Removed the Dinette

We are always thinking of resale value and did not want to do anything that diminished its longterm value. So, we carefully removed the dinette. We started with the cushions, and then the most obvious pieces one at a time. We stored this in our attic (keeping for resale value).

Step 2: Electrical Issues

Notice in the picture below the wires and electrical outlet in the dinette.

Because there were two outlets in the dinette, there were two holes in the wall and in the floor where electrical wires were coming through.

Neal is really good at electrical work in a house but in a camper made us a little nervous. We did not want to start moving wires, especially because we cannot get to the undercarriage of our camper without creating more issues.

So . . . we used this obstacle as an opportunity . . . and created a charging station!

Step 3: Creating a Charging Station (Creating Two New Outlets)

We built a box to house the wires, hide the holes in the floor and wall, and where we would install two new outlets.

We used a piece of wood paneling that was on the inside of the dinette for the front of the box. (In other words, if we reinstalled the dinette, we could replace it with another piece of paneling because it would not be visible.)

We used another thin piece of wood (cabinet grade paneling) we had from another project. for the sides and top of the box.

Step 4: Painting the Wood to Match the Existing Cabinets

I used a combination of brown, black, and yellow acrylic paint I had in my statch to paint these wood pieces to match the existing paneling. Because of so many DIY projects, I have gotten pretty good at matching colors and textures.

On the left in the picture below is the paneling and the right is the piece I painted to match/blend with the paneling.

Step 5: Installing the Box and Outlets

Using a jigsaw, Neal cut two rectangular holes for the outlets in the front of the box. He then reconnected the outlets.

He used a nailgun to finish installing the box.

Below is a picture of the final box (charging station) after installing the outlet covers.

Step 6: Purchasing Table and Chairs

We purchased a dropleaf table and folding chairs from Target. We actually bought four chairs but typically just take two when it is just the two of us (and Daisy) camping.

Step 7: Patching Holes

We had a few holes in the wall where the side of the dinette was screwed into the wall. We purchased some tan filler to fill in these holes.

Other thoughts:

Having a table, especially a dropleaf table gives us several options for furniture arrangement. We can move the table in the middle of this area and use all four chairs or push the table next to the wall and just use two chairs.

This gives us plenty of room for Daisy to have her own spot for sleeping, which was our original reason for removing the dinette.

Having the charging tables works great for charging phones and laptops. We can actually tuck our phones and laptops behind the theatre chairs while charging.

We are so glad we removed our dinette and love the space and look of having a table and chairs. Daisy likes this too!

Let us know if what you think of if you have any questions by commenting below.

To see how we installed a sticky tile backsplash in our camper kitchen area, click HERE.



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Author: Suzanne

Blogger and DIYer with my talented husband Neal. I share about our projects and life lessons following Christ.

10 thoughts on “Removing our RV Dinette and Replacing with a Table and Chairs”

      1. Hi folks…. really like your idea as our dinette just takes up space when our dog could be stretched out!!!LOL Our rig is much like yours and been thinking of ways to replace the dinette. How is the table holding up so far…. is it pretty sturdy??…. think about making ours a stand alone dining room table/ office space

        1. We LOVE our table! We strap it down really good when we travel and use cut swim noodles on the edges in case it bumps the wall, but we are so happy we did this! It allows us a lot of flexibility and a place for Daisy to sleep.

    1. Hey Suzanne,

      I like your first name!

      That is a great question!

      There are two built-in anchors in the floor with a strap that was for securing the original table; we use these same anchors and straps to secure the new table. We also cut a slit in a water noodle and slide it on the end of the table in case it hits the wall when we travel. If we did not have anchors on the floor, I would turn the table upside down, put foam water noodles on all four edges, and wedge in place with foam or blankets.

      We wrap the folding chairs in blankets and stow them in the storage compartment under our bed.

      I hope this helps!


    1. Hey Michelle,
      We do still have the booth. We are leaning towards keeping it in case we resell our camper down the road and the new owners want to reinstall it. We live in Alabama. Where do you live in case we did want to sell it? Also curious as to what you would use it for – – install in a camper? Just curious as to other people’s projects…
      I will also email you.

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