Updating Old Windows with Paint and Wreaths

window frame with wreath hanging with burlap ribbon

I am always amazed at how paint, ribbon, and a wreath can update an old window. This post will teach you how to update old windows and paint and wreaths. We purchased two of these windows at a thrift store many years ago.

Removed the Mirrors

I removed the mirror in each window; I used a putty knife to remove the caulk holding the mirrors in place.

Painting the Window Frames

I thought about chalk painting the windows but instead opted for painting with Behr paint we had leftover (the color is Sherwin Williams Fawn Brindle).

Adding Wreaths with Burlap Ribbon

I used burlap ribbon to loop through each wreath and then stapled it using a heavy-duty staple gun to the back of each window frame.

Hanging Using HangITstrips

They look great hung over the twin beds in our guest bedroom. Each window has two D-brackets on the back so they will hang straight.

We recommend using hangITstrips because they enable you to easily pinpoint the exact location for both nails without all the measuring. Click HERE to see how hangITstrips work.

We are so pleased with how these turned out. They add dimension and color to our guest bedroom. The twin beds raise up so we hung the windows a little higher to clear the beds. One of our future projects is building headboards for these twin beds. Stay tuned . . .

To see how I added a wreath to another old window, click HERE to view How to Create a Gallery Wall Over a Table.

Click HERE to learn how to make a wipe board from an old window.

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Let us know what you think or if you have any questions about how to update old windows and paint and wreaths by posting below. Do you have some old windows that need to be upcycled?

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