Using 3M Bondo to Repair Mistakes and Patch Holes

We will show you how to use 3M Bondo to repair mistakes, patch holes, and patch holes. Because we do many DIY home improvement projects, Bondo has become one of the repair materials in our arsenal.

Be sure to check out our YouTube video that also shows you how to repair mistakes and patch holes using 3M Bondo.

How we have used Bondo

We have used Bondo to fill door knob holes when making a headboard from an old door. In addition, we have used it to patch a hole in our basement door. In this post, we will show you how we used Bondo to fix a gash in plywood where the circular saw got off track as we were cutting the wood. We knew we could repair this with Bondo so we went ahead and installed the trim around the edge before repairing with Bondo.

Mix Bondo

Use a paper plate and a plastic spoon (or something disposable) to mix. First, spoon out the putty on the paper plate.

Then add the hardener to the putty.

Stir with the plastic spoon. You don’t have long until the mixture gets hard, so work quickly.

Apply to Area

Using a putty knife, spread the mixture over the area that needs to be repaired or filled. Because it is easy to sand off (next step), you can apply liberally.


Sand the area until it is smooth.

Feel the surface with your hand to ensure it is smooth.

Add Additional Applications if needed

Apply additional applications until the gash or hole is no longer visible.

Prime or Paint

Prime and/or paint as you would normally finish.

Because this is the tabletop for Suz’s craft table, we primed and then painted. Notice the Bondo on the bottom right corner of the tabletop in the picture below.

craft tabletop being primed

Enjoy the Result

The gash in the plywood is gone as if it never even happened. We won’t tell if you won’t.

Here is the finished tabletop on Suz’s craft table.

Final picture of craft table and craft room

We also used Bondo to fill the door knob hole in this door before making it a headboard.

Door Headboard made from old door

Let us know what you think about how to use 3M Bondo to repair a mistake or patch a hole. Ironically, I tried to find the hole to take a picture and could not find it. That is how good Bondo filled the hole! Of course, it took several applications, but it worked like a charm.

Be sure to check out our YouTube video that also shows you how to repair mistakes and patch holes using 3M Bondo.

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Happy Patching!

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