How to Crochet a Five Strand Braided Headband

finished five strand braided headband, crochet hook and ball of gray yarn

I learned how to crochet when was a child and have enjoyed it ever since. There is something so rewarding about creating something beautiful with texture from a skein of yarn. I hope you will enjoy crocheting this headband too.

I used Yarn Bee 3.5 oz. Alpaca Twist yarn.

Color: Charcoal

Hook: The yarn label recommended 6.5 mm hook but I used a 4.0 mm hook for a tighter, more dense result.



Crochet Five Strands:

Ch 85+ 1 and hdc in second ch from the hook (skipping one chain), hdc in each single ch (total of 85), in the last chain stitch add a second hdc. After adding the 86th hdc, turn the corner of your work and hdc a third time in end chain stitch. Hdc in the other half of each chain stitch for a total of 85.

In summary, you will have a chain of 85 hdc on each side of the chain with the chain down the middle. You will have one extra hdc in the end.

Ch 1 after you are back to the starting point.

Use a tapestry needle to weave yarn tails into both ends of your work.

Make five of these crocheted strands.

Connecting the Five Strands:

Lay the five strands parallel to each other with the ends lined up. Use a tapestry needle to stitch the five strands together on one end.

Braiding the Five Strands:

Use a clipboard or a board with clothespins to hold the five ends of the strands you stitched together in place.

Braid as demonstrated in the video below.

Connecting the Other End of the Five Strands:

Use a tapestry needle to stitch the five strands together on one end.

Connecting the Ends to Finish the Headband:

Fold the headband in half with the right sides together. Using a tapestry needle, stitch the ends together.

Turn right side out and enjoy your new headband or better yet, give it to a friend.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions by posting below.

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Happy Crocheting!



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